Introduction - SHREE HARI CLINIC (श्रीहरि चिकित्सालय)

SHREE  HARI CLINIC  is an established  point of Ayurvedic home-214x300-195x300 Hometreatment with high rate of success. Today the world over people are turning to AYURVEDA  not only to get rid of their ailments but also to keep themselves permanently healthy which is first condition of happiness . AYURVEDA  means science of life . It is in this tradition that SHREE  HARI CLINIC  was founded in this northern part of India i.e. MEERUT (U.P). where even the chronic ailments are successfully treated. The SHREE  HARI CLINIC (SHC ) provides “ with in the reach of common man” treatment with the basic view of source of humanity . In severe cases of Ayurvedic  modes of PANCHKARMA (पंचकर्म) & ASHTANG AURVEDA (अष्टांग आयुर्वेद) are harnessed to attain surprising results in diseases which had shown no sign of mitigation for long . SHC has already infused a ray of hope in seemingly hopeless cases.

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Shipra Tower, Opposite Nandan Talkies,
Garh Road, Meerut – 250002, NCR,
Call : +(91)-121-2953062, +(91)-9457031394

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