The immune power of our body remains weak or low at the time between the changing of two seasons i.e. called as Ritu Sandhi Kaal_(ॠतु संधि काल) so only those not all who have weak immune power fall ill.
FLU – COLD (प्रतिश्याय)
COUGH (कास)
SNEEZING (क्षवथू)
PNEUMONIA (श्वसन/श्लेष्म-ज्वर)
SKIN RASHES (चर्म मण्डल)
URTICARIA (शीत पित्त)
ITCHING (कण्डू)

When someone suffers from any of the above mentioned diseases after every 2-3 months , the treatments prescribed in the Ayurveda (आयुर्वेद) prove to be rightly effective.
Ayurveda (आयुर्वेद) instructs that in such a period means Ritu Sandhi Kal ( time between changing of two seasons), if we follow the daily routine / regime prescribed for the particular seasons, we can not only protect ourselves from all type of Allergic problems , but also be free from all such recurring ailments.
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allergy ALLERGY(अनुर्जता)