BONE & JOINT DISEASES (अस्थि एव संधि रोग)

Today joint problems are common as a result of modern changed life style . These days these maladies are noticed both in males and females . In this hectic lifestyle we do not get time to think about body and health. In case of pain or ache ,patients take recourse of immediate pain relief drug for relief which only suppresses the symptoms but not cure the disease resulting in more complications and other side effects.
Only Ayurvedic medicines cures the root cause of malady and keep the bones in good health for longer time.

Most problems related with joints and bones are due to Vata Complaints (वात दोष विकृति) Aachaarya Charak in his samhita at sutra sthan mentoined 80 types of Vata Disorders ( वात विकार ) & their treatments in chikitsa sthan chapter 4 and 5 and other references are below.

Some disorders of joints and bones are

Osteoporosis (अस्थि सौषिर्यता)
Frozen Shoulders (अवबाहुक)
Cervical spondylosis (ग्रीवा संधि शोथ)
Arthritis (आमवात)
Gout (गठिया or वात रक्त)
Low back ache (त्रिकअस्थि संधि शोथ)
Sciatica (गृध्रसी)
Vertebral disc problem (पृष्ठवंश अस्थि शोथ)
Neuritis (नाड़ी शोथ)

Other refrences are as follows:
Sushruta samhita- Nidan sthan – Chapter 1
Sushruta Samhita- Chikitsa sthan – Chapter 4,5
Ashtang Hridayam – Nidan sthan – Chapter 15,16
Ashtang Hridayam – Chikitsa sthan Chapter 21,22

joint-300x220 BONE & JOINT DISEASES (अस्थि एव संधि रोग)