Child health care (बाल स्वास्थ्य संरक्षण)

Kaumarya Bhrutya is one of the Eight branches of Ashtang Ayurveda.It deals with the child care from conception till maturity. It focuses on all aspects of nursing and healthy upbringing of newborns with holistic approach with a view to having a better progeny and ideal society . Phenomenon of conception i.e.coming of a fetus in a womb is divine blessing where ‘Praan'(life-प्राण) takes place in a body . Abstract turns concrete Ayurveda treats this stage , the foundation of life . It provides a comprehensive care to fetal disorders,neonatal diseases following birth, nutritional disorders , common allergies and infections, growth and development of a child . The entire care is preventive as well as curative.
The kashyap samhita(काशयप सहिेंता) is a complete medical literature for child health . It is divided into two parts .
PURVA KHAND(पूर्व खण्ड)- that is a first part . It is theoretical analysis of development from conception till maturity including every aspect of fetal disorders, neonatal ailments , problems related to development and growth , common systemic sclerosis and their nursing.
UTTAR KHAND(उत्तर खण्ड) – It deals with disorder and diseases of their cause and their treatment of child bearing age.Ayurveda has the quality of nector . Ayurvedic treatments are safe for children,so adopt it for them.

Diseases of Child

BED WETTING (बिस्तर गीला)
EPILEPSY(अपस्मार)                                                                     SKIN DISEASES OF CHILD
OBESITY (स्थौल्यता)
PNEUMONIA (श्वसन ज्वर)
ASTHMA (वास रोग)
FLU (वात श्लेश्मक ज्वर)
JAUNDICE (कामला)
ANEMIA (पाण्डू)
RICKETS (फक्क रोग)

For More References:
Bhaishajya Ratnawali – Stree Rog
Kashayp Samhita – Sutra Sthan
Ashtang Sangrha – Uttar Sthan,Nidan Sthan, Shareer Sthan
Charak Samhita

baby-499976_640 Child health care (बाल स्वास्थ्य संरक्षण)

Child-health-care-1 Child health care (बाल स्वास्थ्य संरक्षण)