HEART DISEASES (ह्रदय रोग )

Heart is master key of blood circulation in the body . It keeps it going by it’s contraction and expanding motion or to circulate blood through the whole body. As long as the parts of heart remain in the natural condition , the function of body remains natural .Any complaint of it’s part or function gets impaired is called heart disease(ह्रदय रोग).

Thousands of years ago the Ayurvedacharyas (आयुर्वेदाचर्या) or the practitioners of Ayurveda in India(भारत) had got the knowledge of this blood circulation activity or system of Heart (ह्रदय).

All heart diseases had been known to the ancient Indian practitioners of AYURVEDA(आयुर्वेदाचर्या)and they had made extensive research on the ailments with their treatment five thousand years ago. The Ayurveda(आयुर्वेद)had been providing complete cure in such cases even before the so- called modern science claims to achieve.

Heart Diseases (ह्रदय रोग)

  • Cardiomegaly (ह्रदय शोथ)
  • Heart Blockage / Coronary Arterial Blockage (ह्रदय रक्त वाहिनी अवरोध)
  • Heart Valvular Disease(ह्रदय कपाट दौर्बल्यता)
  • AnginaPectoris(ह्रत शूल)
  • Heart Thrombosis (ह्रदय रक्त वाहिनी घनास्रता)

“Sandarbh Grantha “ i.e. reference book where the Ayurveda masters had complied all the knowledge about heart(ह्रदय) it’s formation , it’s function and it’s ailments in the following ‘ Samhitas “
Charak Samhita (चरक सहिता)– Sutra Sthan (सूत्र स्थान)
Sushrut Samhita(सुश्रुत सहिता) – Uttar Tantra (उत्तर तन्त्र)
Ashtang Sangrha (अश्टांग सग्रंह) Nidan Sthan (निदान स्थान)
Ashtang Sangsha Chikitsa stan (चिकित्सा स्थान)
Madhav Nidan (माधव निदान) Hridaya Roga (ह्रदय रोग)
Ashtang Sangrha (अष्टांग सग्रंह)

heart-300x239 HEART DISEASES (ह्रदय रोग )