Today it is known to all that if they want to cure of their diseases completely, they should start taking ayurvedic treatment from the very first stage.
Hormonal imbalance is one of such almost incurable type of disease as require ayurvedic treatment from the very beginning. Once there is an imbalance of hormones in the body, the patient has to take medicine throughout the life . And after some time due to the side effects of the medicines, the patients catches various other diseases, studies show that the Hormone Replacement therapy has a cancerous effect. In some developed countrise it is used with great care and under medical observation.
Therefore, today a number of people are switching to ayurvedic treatment, which have no side effects. It means that ayurvedic medicines can be used for a long time without any adverse effects.
Today in our society there is a great number of such people as suffer from thyroid, insulin and sex hormone dysfunction. After a prolonged use medicines do not respond in such patients and therefore, at such a time the condition of such patients gets critical.
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