NUROLOGICAL DISEASES(तंत्रिका संबंधी रोग) how to write an essay on hamlet Most diseases related with nerves are due to Vata Imbalance (वात विक्रति) Aacharya Charak (आचार्य चरक ) in his text at Sutra stan(सूत्र स्थान) mentioned 80 types of Vata Disorders(वात विकार) & their treatments in Chikitsa Stan (चिकित्सा स्थान ) other references are SHUSHRUTA SAMHITA (सुश्रुत संहिता) and ASTANG SANGRHA (अश्टांग संग्रह ) dissertation topis PARALYSIS (पक्षाघात / पक्षवध) who gonna do my assignment EPILEPSY (अपस्मार) academic writing online help SCIATICA (ग्रध्रसी) hamlet research paper
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