What is extra flesh ? It is unnatural increase in Fat & flesh . It results in loose dilation of hips abomen, breasts which starts uneven wobbling . Body is no more in shape . The subject lose his interest in life & work. Zest is gone this type of dilation of body is called OBESITY(स्थूलता).

Madhav Nidhan and Charak Samhita (माधव निदान व चरक संहिता) Sootra Esthan (सूत्र स्थान) Chapter -21 explains the causes ,signs symtoms and other related information.
NOTE: The obese needs extra labour even in speaking . It can occur in young age and it leads to many other complications and deformities skin diseases (चर्म रोग), Diabities (मधुमेह) , piles (अर्श), Joint Pain (सन्धि वात) High Blood Pressure (उच्च रक्त चाप) and other heart diseases (हृदय रोग) are natural consequences of obesity. Manliness starts declining . The patient becomes subject to mental tensions. He/she starts avoiding family and society due to inferiority complex.
With growing age women are more prone to obesity (स्थूलता) in comparison to men.Ayurved had known the occurrence of post delivery OBESITY (प्रसवोपरान्त स्थौल्य) it prescribes a number of herbal medication to help the mothers to get rid of this post delivery deformity with unwanted growth of flesh & fat . It fills them with a new confidence and self love.
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