SKIN DISEASES(चर्म रोग )

Shree Hari Clinic is a point where you can immediately find AYURVEDIC solution to any of the following diseases without fear of any side effect .

Acne (मुँहासे)
Dark Pigmentation (झाईया)
Eczema (विचर्चिका)
Hair Fall (खालित्य)
Leucoderma (शिवत्र )
White Patches(सफेद दाग)
Saebohric Dermatitis(शतारु)
Psoriasis (मण्डल कुष्ठ)
Ptyria Versicolor (सिद्दम कुष्ठ)
Boils (फोडे़ फुन्सी )
In following ग्रन्थांड , skin diseases are mentioned under the heading of kushtha (कुष्ठ) with classification a)- Maha kushtha (महाकुष्ठ) -7 types and kshudra kushtha(क्षुद्रकुष्ठ)- 11 types
For More Reference
Charak Samhita – Chikitsa sthan – Chapter 6,7
Sushrut Samhita – Nidan sthan – Chapter 5
Ashtang Hridayam – Nidan sthan – Chapter 14

no_image SKIN DISEASES(चर्म रोग )